DMC Travel Barcelona

Your Destination Manager for Barcelona

We know the nicest activities to do in Barcelona!

Whenever you plan your event to take place in Barcelona, please consider adding some sparkling parts to it, like an outdoor activity.
A perfect way for a break or to continue team build even. Whatever you want. We can present you some original proposals that will certainly contribute to your successful event.

Knowledge about Barcelona
Specialism in the Catalan culture 100%
knowledge in tourism barelona
More then 10 year experience 100%
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Working together 100%

Long term

DMC Travel Barcelona likes to focus on building a long-term relationship with your organization. We do it together with you !


In Barcelona, the facilities for organizing meetings are infinite. Whether it is a conference room for 300 participants or a product presentation for 20 guests. Everything can be tailored to your wishes.


But it does not stop at just finding a suitable location or space. Whether it concerns a sound system, tables and chairs, hiring a DJ or hiring a complete catering service. Let us know what you have in mind and we will arrange it for you.